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Second Porch Lands Financing

March 16, 2010
One of the best things about working in a firm like Alto is that we sometimes have the opportunity to work with our company clients from their formation all the way through a major event.  Given our close relationship with our clients, we become silent cheerleaders for them and so when they reach a major milestone we get not only the short-term satisfaction of doing the deal but, more importantly, we get to celebrate the achievement with the company and its founders.  I know that many other lawyers at other firms have this same opportunity and I only hope they appreciate it as much as we do because I feel it is one of the true emotional benefits of working with start-ups.

ShopIgniter Pulls $3M in Funding

February 26, 2010
Today we closed a Series A Preferred Stock Financing for our client, ShopIgniter.  I will write more later about why ShopIgniter is a perfect client for us, but for now I want to congratulate Dan, Alan, and the rest of their team on closing a great round with an excellent fund, Madrona Ventures.  Madrona is based in Seattle and hasn’t invested in a Portland company in a couple of years.  Madrona has a great track record, including being an early investor in an e-commerce company you may know named  Having them on board will be a great asset to the team.

Thanks, Dave

February 22, 2010
Today, Dave Hersh officially announced he was stepping aside as CEO of Jive Software to become Chairman of the Board.  Dave is one of my best friends and it has been amazing to watch him lead Jive from a neat little company selling IM and Forums products to become the world’s leading social business software provider in only a few years.  He and his family moved to the Bay Area last fall but his footprint and impact on Portland will remain well into the distant future.  I am both happy for Dave to take a breath and sad to not be working with him at Jive any longer.  However, my guess is he won’t sit on the sidelines too long.  Until then, Dave, thanks for everything you’ve done for Alto, Portland, and the local tech community.


February 17, 2010
Welcome to the redesigned alto law group website!
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Alto, Haiti, and the Support of the Entrepreneurial Community

January 31, 2010
Many of our clients and friends know that, in addition to alto, we are heavily involved in helping Haiti.  Josh and I are founders and Board members of Mangrove Fund (along with my wife and Peter Galen, a close friend of alto and us personally).  Mangrove is a Portland-based 501(c)(3) public charity.  We have been focused exclusively on Haiti since our inception in 2007.  I’m not going to go into too much detail on Mangrove here.  If you want to learn more about us, click here.